Tech9 Expands its Footprint Across the U.S. by Adding a Trio of Senior Sales Executives

DRAPER, Utah, November 19, 2020 — Tech9, a leading outsourced software development provider headquartered in Utah, today announced the addition of three key team members to its sales team –Aaron Yeager, Eric Zlotogura and Josh Cohen. The new team members bring extensive experience in business development and leadership that will strengthen Tech9 as the company […]

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8 Things to Consider When Estimating the Cost of Software

Because custom software is, well, custom, it’s impossible to assign a blanket price range to all software development projects. Asking how much software development costs is akin to asking how much a house costs. Just as individual home prices vary based on their location, square footage, age, and added amenities, the price of software development […]

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How to Build a Software Development Team for Beginners

Once you’ve made the decision to build custom software and subsequently opted to in-source or outsource the development, you’re off to the races, right? Well…not exactly. Hastily rushing into software development is one of many reasons failure is a near-certainty in this business. Up to 75% of business and IT executives admit that their projects […]

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Building Software 101: Should I Outsource or In-Source?

If you’re here, you’ve likely made the big decision that you need a custom software solution for your business. Whether you sell high-tech B2B solutions or life insurance policies, software can be a key differentiator in your company’s growth, competitive advantage, and customer experience. And unless you’re seasoned in building and overseeing software solutions, the […]

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Why Hiring a Software Developer in India is Not as Easy as You Think

We’ve previously discussed effective strategies you can employ when hiring software developers in India, as well as what to expect when offshoring your software development. While these articles offer great resources in helping hiring managers and executives identify what qualities to look for in these candidates, it’s also important to realize that the actual ins […]

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How to Structure and Motivate Under-Resourced Software Teams

As companies continue to adapt to a shifting technological culture that involves an increased remote workforce, technology budget cuts, and staff shortages, stakeholders are searching for ways to keep their development ships afloat. To help you update your technology roadmap and account for these changes, a good place to start is examining both the structure […]

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How to Hire Software Developers in India

In addition to boasting one of the largest software development talent pools in the world, India also sports some of the youngest and most ambitious developers you can find. They are competitive, diverse, and breaking ground into new technologies. Maybe you’ve decided you want to offshore some of your software development to India, but don’t […]

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How to Complete Software Projects on a Reduced Budget

A recent survey by Bain & Company reveals that more than half of US companies have made cuts to their technology spending in response to the economic downturn, with the healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries getting hit the hardest. While nobody can say with certainty just when these cost-cutting measures will end, one thing is […]

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