The 3 Must-Dos of Offshoring Software Development

As the global demand for cutting-edge technology grows, so does the need for the highly skilled developers who can build it. But with barriers like budget constraints and an increasingly limited supply of locally based software engineers, more and more businesses are looking beyond their shores for help. In the software industry, offshoring development remains […]

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What You Should Know (and Ask) Before Outsourcing Your Software Development

The demand for skilled developers has never been higher. Nearly half of all U.S. companies are investing in outsourced software development in some capacity to the tune of $85.6 billion globally. Still, there are many factors to consider when determining if outsourcing software development is the best move for your business. If you’re still weighing […]

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Tech9 Acquires Stotion, a UX/UI Design Agency in Provo.

New acquisition joins software development with design thinking DRAPER, Utah—Tech9, a software development company based out of Draper, recently acquired Stotion LLC, an innovative UX/UI design agency. “We believe that adding UX/UI design to our process will improve the user experience of the software we develop while also increasing our client’s return on their investment,” […]

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Case Study: Lashbrook (How your website can be a differentiator)

Increased revenue achieved through selling directly to consumers on an eCommerce platform with real-time image rendering The jewelry industry has been around for a long time and you may think there isn’t room for innovation. Lashbrook has been a pioneer in this ancient industry with its innovative designs and approach. It has brought home 25 […]

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Tech9 Receives Clutch Leader Award, Recognized as Top Developer in Utah

We are thrilled to announce that in a recent report, Clutch named us a top developer in Utah! This is the third time this year for Tech9 to receive a Clutch Leader Award. Clutch analysts have conducted interviews with our clients and have published those interviews as verified reviews on the Tech9’s Clutch profile. In […]

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Build vs. Buy: Should your company develop its own software?

Technology is an essential part of the business. Incorporating the right type of technology can sustain or furthermore, boost your company in today’s ever competitive market. In like manner, failing to do so can bring about devastating consequences that will leave your company behind. You already know that you need powerful software that can take […]

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Can you outsource your software development and still sleep well?

There are a number of reasons that companies outsource their software development. You want to take advantage of lower operational and labor costs. You want to focus your resources on building your core competency—the very thing that you are best at. You want to get things done faster to beat your competitors. In today’s world, […]

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Tech9 named as Top Developer in India

In a recent release from Clutch, a B2B ratings firm, Tech9 has been named as one of the top software developers in India. India is a hub for development companies. These businesses were able to set themselves apart in an incredibly competitive market. — Alaina Stevenson, Senior Business Analyst This is the second time Clutch […]

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Tech9 named as Top Website Developer in SLC area

We’re pleased to announce that Tech9 has been named a Top Website Developer in the Salt Lake City area in a recent release from Clutch, a business service ratings and review website. In its recent press release, Clutch showcased leading developers in major cities across the United States. Clutch ranks web, app and software development […]

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