Tech9’s Expansion Into Mexico

Why Mexico?

Tech9 has been experiencing enormous growth since its inception in 2015. We first expanded into India and achieved inspiring success building a Tech9 community there. In 2021 we made the strategic decision to start hiring software developers in the wonderful country of Mexico.  

Many of our clients enjoy being able to hire high-caliber software developers who live in closer proximity to their time zone and we knew Mexico would deliver that benefit.  

As always our goal was to create the same positive tech-happily working environment as we have in our other Tech9 communities around the world and it sure helped that the developers in Mexico are already happy and upbeat in their own right. I wish I could grab a bite to eat with each one of them.

“As the CEO, one duty I really enjoy is meeting with every new Tech9er.  During these meetings I have noticed that our new team members from Mexico bring strong tech skills and character to our community. I am so thrilled at our success in Mexico and look forward to further growth there in the coming years.”  -Nick Stice, CEO

Breaking into a new job market isn’t a simple task, but Tech9 found ways to be successful in our efforts:

  • Partnered with a local PEO, helping us stay in compliance with Mexican employment law
  • Promoted Jason Gifford, a brilliant software engineer who’s fluent in Spanish, to lead the team in Latin America
  • Used resources local to Mexico to source quality candidates


Guadalajara, "The Mexican Silicon Valley"
Guadalajara, “The Mexican Silicon Valley”

Tech9 recruiters have enjoyed finding and bringing the candidates from Mexico through the entire hiring journey, from initial interview to their first day.  A majority of our candidates have been near three main cities:  Mexico City, Monterrey, and Guadalajara – known as “the Mexican Silicon Valley” for constituting the most important technological cluster in the country.

How have the new software engineers fit into Tech9’s culture?

The Tech9 engineering department has enjoyed the skills and personalities of the new employees.

“The engineers we’ve hired from México are experts at their craft with an excitement and willingness to learn and do new things. Every conversation I have with them breathes new life into my day.”  -Jason Gifford (Director of Engineering, LATAM)

The Tech9ers from Mexico have responded favorably to joining the community.

“It’s a great opportunity to work with a multicultural team. You get to work alongside people all over the world on big impact projects. You put to test all the knowledge gained and at the same time you get to keep growing as a developer.”  – Alex Gomez (Fullstack Developer and our very first hire in Mexico)

“Working here is to have the feeling of being part of a large family of professionals where we all take care of each other, grow and deliver an outstanding software development service to the clients.”  -Diego Gonzalez (Sr SDET)

“There is no micromanagement and that is very important for me. Company is always asking what we need, daily.”  – Fernado Castillo (Sr Fullstack Developer)

“It’s been a great experience. All the collaborators I’ve met have been very friendly and kind. Tech9 has an amazing work environment that allows you to focus on delivering value feeling confident that there’s a great team that has your back.”  – Cedric Luckie (Fullstack Developer)

“It is awesome working for a company that cares about people and what they can bring to the table.  Tech9 allows us to participate and be able to express our ideas.”  -Severo Medina (Project Manager/Scrum Master)

To connect with Mexican culture, Tech9 created a one-of-a-kind futbol jersey for the first hires in Mexico to enjoy.  This surprise was received very favorably by the Tech9ers.  ¡GOOOOOOOL!

Cedric and Fernando, receiving their personalized Tech9 futbol jerseys!

What Mexico company events have been held?

In January 2022, Tech9 held the first annual LATAM company retreat in gorgeous Cancun, Mexico. After a delightful breakfast together and a meeting with the founders, Tech9ers enjoyed lots of fun in the sun together (swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing, sun bathing and more).

“The retreat in Cancún was a great opportunity to connect in person with the engineers. One thing that really stood out was how they connected with each other and bonded despite being assigned to different teams and projects within the company.”  – Jason Gifford, Director of Engineering, LATAM

Quotes from a few Tech9ers about what they enjoyed about the Cancun retreat:

“Knowing each other in a family atmosphere and feel like surrounded by friends who support each other and grow together.”  – Diego Gonzalez (Sr SDET)

“To meet other people after 2 years of isolation. To meet with founders, managers and other partners was incredible. Looking forward to the next retreat!”– Fernado Castillo (Sr Fullstack Dev)

“The whole trip was fantastic. There was a lot of attention to details regarding the gifts we received on arrival, the transportation, the all inclusive hotel, and overall the planning made possible to have an amazing weekend to relax. Definitely my favorite part was getting to know people – so friendly and lighthearted.”  – Cedric Luckie (Fullstack Developer)

“Meeting peers and board members, since covid we has been working only remotely and was practically impossible to know each other, it allow is to share some time together to know us more as people, also the information shared by nick about the state of the company, give us the security and knowledge of what’s next, and finally obviously being on the beach.”  -Severo Medina (Project Manager/Scrum Master)

Jason Gifford and his son are sporting a good time!
Final group shot of all the Tech9ers that could attend the retreat

Tech9 looks forward to continuing our growth in Mexico and watching this group picture increase in size over and over again!

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Tech9’s Expansion Into Mexico