The Top 5 Custom Software Development Trends in 2022

Every year brings with it new custom software development trends. 2022 is no different—we’re bound to see some technologies become more prevalent in the coming months. Let’s look at some of the growing trends in custom software development for this year and how these can affect your business.

What Is Custom Development?

In a nutshell, custom development is creating software the service provider doesn’t sell. They’re not easily available as open-source programs. Instead, developers build solutions for specific users. These can be enhancements for existing software or an entirely new application.

General Trends and Technologies in Software Development in 2022

1. Cloud Technology

When the pandemic hit two years ago, many businesses were forced to close, making it difficult to access their data on-site. However, this helped bring cloud technology into the spotlight even further, allowing organizations to access their data and applications through the cloud. Tech9 uses AWS, Azure, and Google as cloud solutions to continue a smooth process of data. Cloud became ideal for those who adopted work-from-home arrangements.

Since the pandemic hasn’t shown any clear signs of stopping this year, developing cloud-native applications will likely continue to focus on companies that still use remote work setups.

2. Internet of Behavior

Influencing a user’s purchasing decisions by providing personalized experiences is also a growing trend for businesses this year. To achieve this, organizations have begun using the Internet of Behavior. Also known as IoB, it’s the study of user behavior through the data gathered from devices such as smartwatches and online activities (such as what they follow on social media).

This data helps businesses understand how to improve the quality of their products and services better. It also allows them to create custom marketing strategies for certain demographics, allowing for more effective promotions.

3. Blockchain

Blockchain technology is more commonly associated with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, but they have also found other uses for businesses today. A secure, decentralized database can serve as a ledger for transactions and other documents. As more blocks are made, they are added to the ledger for approved parties to view. These records cannot be removed and are thus permanent, which builds transparency in the organization.

It would be easier to track down records without worrying about discrepancies.

4. Low-code and No-code Development Tools

Due to the ongoing pandemic and rapid technological advancements today, we’re currently experiencing tech talent shortage.

As a result, some businesses no longer have the time or human resources to create applications by writing code from scratch. This is where low-code and no-code tools come in. Since these platforms require minimal or no coding, workers will still be able to create programs and sites even if they lack coding knowledge. If the organization does have a dev team, its members would be able to concentrate on tasks that need actual coding work.

It’s estimated that 65 percent of software projects will be done through low-code or no-code development by 2024.

5. Software Integration

Nowadays, standalone applications are no longer enough for an organization’s operational demands. For instance, spreadsheets, graphics, and text files might be needed from another program to create a report or presentation.

By introducing integration features in their custom software, the company can have a more seamless user experience. For instance, they can easily import files or embed outputs from other programs without converting formats, avoiding conflicts. This helps the company save time and increase productivity by reducing troubleshooting problems.

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We Stay on Top of the Software Development Game

When you work together with clients worldwide to create custom programs for them, staying updated on the latest custom software development trends is part of the job description. Here at Tech9, we don’t just favor one brand or technology over the other. Instead, we focus on providing you with the specific solutions your company needs to stay competitive.

If you want to learn more about our custom software solutions, you can call our office at (801) 692-3252 or contact us here.

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The Top 5 Custom Software Development Trends in 2022