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How Davinci improved user experience & created revenue streams through new third-party integrations

Davinci, a leading provider of virtual office space and on-demand meeting rooms, approached Tech9 in search of a development team who could give their outdated website a digital facelift and improve the user experience. They also needed a true tech partner capable of implementing a series of revenue-generating integrations for their business.

Key Takeaways

  • Improved user experience and refreshed website design
  • Modern site infrastructure & technologies
  • Created revenue streams through new third-party integrations

A New and Improved experience

A New and Improved experience

Although each of Davinci’s two websites had served their purpose well for years, they were built on the back of aged technology and outdated design principles. Tech9 overhauled both sites, which included an infrastructure update to the most recent tech and a modern redesign to improve the user experience.

With that done, Tech9 began work on a series of rofitable integrations with third-party suppliers.

Opening Revenue Doors

Davinci’s business model relies on third-parties to supply meeting space & conference room inventory that Davinci then sells. Tech9 built custom integrations for Davinci that allowed them to partner with some of the biggest players in the industry.

Davinci meets Tech9

Before partnering with Tech9, Davinci had a small, in-house development team responsible for maintaining their websites. After just one meeting, Davinci CEO Martin understood that outsourcing development to Tech9 would get them a larger team, specialized developers, and a dedicated technical project manager, all at a lower cost compared to growing their in-house team.

More Revenue Streams

Working with Tech9 enabled Davinci to keep the development team size flexible in response to changing conditions due to COVID-19 and identify innovative ways to grow the business. Davinci is now in a perfect position to provide flex office space to organizations that are returning to regular in-person meetings.

Tech9 is a proactive development partner. They are always attentive to our needs and consistently deliver high quality results.


Fast, Fresh, and User-Friendly

The software landscape is constantly evolving, which means that websites and applications that aren’t updated frequently get left behind quickly. Davinci’s website, while functional, lacked up-to-date architecture and a user-friendly design. Tech9 delivered brand new sites using the latest technology and design principles, which drastically improved the customer experience.

High Impact Integrations

Davinci’s business model is to sell meeting rooms owned by third parties to small- and mid-sized businesses looking for short-term office space. So integrating with new third-party suppliers meant increased inventory and revenue. Tech9 completed an integration with one of the largest suppliers in the industry in just 30 days.

Fast, Fresh, and User-Friendly


Being in the physical meeting room industry, Davinci saw direct impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Working with Tech9 kept their development team size flexible to changing circumstances and allowed them to find strategic ways to continue to grow their business. Today, Davinci sits in a prime position to supply flex office space to companies returning to regular in-person meetings.

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