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Infinite Mind

How Infinite Mine built monetizable Mobile App – top 10 in iOS App Store for Brain Exercise Game search with Tech9

Infinite Mind has an innovative concept that promises optimized mental performance and productivity through their Infinite Mind technology; but even the most innovative concepts don’t always succeed in the educational gaming world. The key to lasting success for gaming apps is an exceptional user experience – and Infinite Mind CTO Steve Hall knows it.

So when he heard that Flutter (a newer development kit from Google) would let Infinite Mind build a seamless experience across iOS, Android and web from a single codebase, he was sold. All he had to do was find a partner who could design an eye-popping app and then use Flutter to build it. Easy,

Key Takeaways

  • Built monetizable Mobile App – top 10 in iOS App Store for Brain Exercise Game search
    Infinite Mind’s product built on the tech stack THEY want, even though it’s a newer technology.
  • Quickly reached thousands of unique paid users
  • Improved customer retention by designing and user testing in-app onboarding experience



With Infinite Mind’s strict list of requirements, finding a development partner who checked all of their boxes was no cake walk. They met with a handful of other potential partners before finding Tech9.

They wanted a team with Flutter expertise. Tech9 had it. They wanted a partner who could handle both design and development. Tech9 did that. Finally, they wanted someone with experience in gaming app design. Tech9 had just the fit – a senior level designer with a love of gaming and a knack for improving user experience.

But First, a Test

The project began with a narrow scope – designing a landing page and a few app screens – as an informal test of Tech9’s ability to deliver the user experience Infinite Mind wanted.

With those early designs in hand, Infinite Mind took some time to discuss the project internally and finalize project funding. During the internal discussions, Tech9 reviewed the current progress and came up with an improved direction for the app UX design. When Infinite Mind was ready to continue, Tech9 pitched them on the new direction (which they loved). From there, Infinite Mind was sold and it was full-speed ahead with the complete interface design.

At the same time, Tech9’s Flutter team was laying the groundwork for a seamless transition from design to dev.

True Tech-xperts

Part of delivering the Happy Software that Tech9 clients are accustomed to is being truly technology-agnostic. That means instead of force-feeding customers our favorite tech, Tech9 adapts to and masters every tech tool available to build quality solutions, no matter the tech stack. That’s tech-ing happily.

Tech9 provided unbelievable value to our company, and the pricing is fair for the high level of talent we receive. The entire team is seamlessly coordinated and they are experts in their respective UX/development fields. They listen, learn and provide honest and transparent feedback while developing our product.

Steve Hall, CTO

Others React, Tech9 Adapts

Flutter is a newer technology (released in 2017), so finding a development team with the experience Infinite Mind wanted was tricky. Many of the dev shops they engaged with pushed back on using Flutter, favoring more common methods like React & React Native.

Instead of pushing back, Tech9 pushed forward – promising that, not only could they use Flutter, but they would do whatever it took to become Flutter experts.

The Total Package (Design & dev)

“One of the biggest selling points of Tech9 was their ability to handle the entire project – from prototype to high-fidelity design to build – under one roof. And while at first we were somewhat hesitant to engage a designer without direct experience in gaming design, the app Tech9 delivered blew our (infinite) minds.”

-Bryan Green, COO

Others React, Tech9 Adapts


By obtaining a full-service team through Tech9, Infinite Mind was able to do what they do best; Focus their efforts on the company they were striving to create, while Tech9 provided the technological horsepower to make Infinite Mind’s mobile app vision become a reality. Users of Infinite Mind’s mobile app have increased their test scores by 25%, along with an increased reading speed of 50%. Evaluating the value driven by Tech9, the mutual partnership with Infinite Mind continues as Tech9 builds a browser version of the product, along with additional application features to allow Infinite Mind to reach an expanded group of students hoping to become more effective at reading.

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