Case Study

Lashbrook Rings

How Lashbrook Boosted Sales & Created A New Revenue Stream with Tech9

Ordering a customized wedding ring is a complex process—especially online. As a company specializing in custom, handcrafted wedding rings, this was a problem Lashbrook was all too familiar with. While the process for ordering custom rings worked great in person, Lashbrook needed a way to give shoppers that same experience and satisfaction online. By trusting Tech9 to build the digital experience, Lashbrook opened a new revenue stream, improved their profit margins, and increased their average order value by 25%.

Key Takeaways

Opened a new source of revenue, Raised profit margins on products, Created a new product category, Increased average ticket value, Provided an online-friendly shopping experience.



Being a jewelry designer & manufacturer, Lashbrook chose to partner with a third-partner software developer to create their online store. Unfortunately, the first attempt at outsourcing development went south, failing to capture the vision and leaving Lashbrook with cash in the fire and nothing to show for it.

What went wrong?

As is all too common in the world of software development, the developer didn’t ask the right questions up front, preferring instead to work from a spec list. As newcomers to software development, Lashbrook felt frustrated with their first tech partner and ultimately turned to LinkedIn for recommendations of a software development team who could build the software they needed the right way.

Lashbrook meets Tech9

In early meetings together, Tech9 learned all about Lashbrook’s vision for creating a user-friendly online ring ordering experience. Tech9’s deep understanding of the technical requirements translated to software that allows for live, on screen ring customization. Regular communication, including weekly check-ins and even having a Tech9 developer work from Lashbrook’s office for a number of months, kept the project on target and on budget.

Extra Mile Included

Tech9 delivered on and exceeded their promise of a custom software solution that met all of Total Care Auto’s needs.

The new solution gave TCA more flexibility & automation capability than ever before and is viewed as a monumental success. The two companies continue to work towards a common goal of providing top-quality service, accomplished through elegant software solutions.

The functionality of the website that Tech9 created sets us apart from any competition.

Matt Isaacson

Out With the Old

The legacy system TCA had used for decades was extremely fragile. Every week employees had to deal with unplanned negative effects of making even the smallest change to the program.

With the new solution engineered by Tech9, TCA now makes those same changes confidently, knowing that the days of dealing with unintended consequences are over.

So Long, Licensing Fees

With the old 3rd party licensing agreement, TCA paid upwards of $60,000 each month in fees for access to an inefficient, imperfect system. By partnering with Tech9, TCA eliminated that monthly fee and incorporated a new feature into the software that has saved them over 15% of claims they paid monthly – amounting to over $1 million in savings to date.

Outsourced IT Team

The Total Care Auto project was an all-in effort from Tech9, with a fractional CTO, 8 engineers, an engineering manager, and a product manager all working together throughout the process. This team made it possible for the proprietary software to be engineered without TCA hiring any additional full-time employees.

Out With the Old



What started out as a small job turned into a 3-year project building a proprietary, custom software platform that has saved Total Care Auto more than $1 million since December of 2019. Tech9 continues to serve as Total Care Auto’s outsourced IT team, ite

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