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Total Care Auto

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How Total Care Auto saved over $1,000,000 by switching from 3rd party software licensing to custom software.

When Total Care Auto hired Tech9 to serve as their fractional CTO, the first project was simple: build a sales tool, similar to the existing sales solution, that could be integrated into TCA’s newly licensed policy administration software.

Tech9’s solution exceeded expectations, so TCA engaged them to engineer a proprietary system to completely replace their licensed 3rd party software.

Key Takeaways

  • Ended dependency on 3rd party software
  • Built a proprietary software solution
  • Reduced payroll expenses
  • Eliminated $60k/month in licensing fees
  • Added flexibility to implement new features




The mindset at TCA was that they would be reliant on their 3rd party licensing agreement forever. That was, until Tech9 CEO Nick Stice proposed a partnership to deliver a custom software solution without the expense & hassle of hiring an internal team to engineer & manage the platform.

A Custom Solution

Total Care Auto originally partnered with a 3rd party software provider as an upgrade to the prehistoric program they’d used for 30+ years. But the new software still didn’t give them the level of customization or automation they were looking for. They needed a custom built solution. Enter Tech9.

The adventure begins

Building Total Care Auto’s proprietary software solution was no small task. Tech9 conducted a 4-week exploration period, where they examined the requirements and put a plan in place to migrate from TCA’s decades old software to the new solution piece by piece, mitigating the risk of costly, negative ripple effects.


Extra Mile Included

Tech9 delivered on and exceeded their promise of a custom software solution that met all of Total Care Auto’s needs.
The new solution gave TCA more flexibility & automation capability than ever before and is viewed as a monumental success. The two companies continue to work towards a common goal of providing top-quality service, accomplished through elegant software solutions.

[Tech9] offer[s] the most cost-effective web solutions on the market, and they deliver amazing results.

Derek Bunkall,

Out With the Old

The legacy system TCA had used for decades was extremely fragile. Every week employees had to deal with unplanned negative effects of making even the smallest change to the program.
With the new solution engineered by Tech9, TCA now makes those same changes confidently, knowing that the days of dealing with unintended consequences are over.

So Long, Licensing Fees

With the old 3rd party licensing agreement, TCA paid upwards of $60,000 each month in fees for access to an inefficient, imperfect system. By partnering with Tech9, TCA eliminated that monthly fee and incorporated a new feature into the software that has saved them over 15% of claims they paid monthly – amounting to over $1 million in savings to date.

Outsourced IT Team

The Total Care Auto project was an all-in effort from Tech9, with a fractional CTO, 8 engineers, an engineering manager, and a product manager all working together throughout the process. This team made it possible for the proprietary software to be engineered without TCA hiring any additional full-time employees.

Out With the Old



What started out as a small job turned into a 3-year project building a proprietary, custom software platform that has saved Total Care Auto more than $1 million since December of 2019. Tech9 continues to serve as Total Care Auto’s outsourced IT team, iterating on existing software and building new tools & features to accomplish TCA’s business goals.

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