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As Much or as Little of Us as You Need

Before we build your software, we build your team. Shaped by your project specifications and captained by a lead engineer, this team is our promise of a purpose-built solution. Whether it’s sized and staffed for a one-off project, an entire application, or even a series of applications, your Tech9 team covers the inherent complexities to produce that beautiful thing you’re after.

Scoping a Single Solution

A great software solution can come from a team as small
as 3. If you’re interested in a single solution with a deadline in the upcoming quarters, take our project route:

We’ll bring CTO-level strategy to an in-depth session to ensure your goals are identified, stakeholders informed, resources aligned, and time + materials estimated. From there, you’ll get up to four team members developing your solution.

Ideal project candidates
Marketing Projects – System Integrations
Mobile Apps – Internal Tools + Web Apps

Their team jumped right into our process and built exactly what we were hoping for—better than we could have imagined.

Travis Hansen – CEO Tesani

Extended Expertise at Your Disposal

If your company has a laundry list of software needs with
shifting priorities as far as its future and wide as its growth,
a Tech9 partnership can help integrate technology with your high-level business strategy.

Partnering with us means a full executive roadmapping
exercise, where sorting and streamlining priorities begins.
And our resulting proposal outlines the size and structure of your new development family—and family sticks together.

Ideal partnership candidates
Apps with continuous development needs
Central tools for managing multiple applications
1–5 year technology roadmaps

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