Staff Augmentation

When your next feature, next iteration, or next product needs more time, talent, or expertise

Sometimes getting to market needs more man hours than your team can support. Or sometimes there’s an niche that your team needs filled. Tech9 can source the right talent for your needs, so you can build what’s next.

The right fit, all around

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The right fit, all around

Building a technology team is more than just finding a developer who knows the right coding language. At Tech9, we source designers, developers, and project managers who not only have the right skillset, but who fit seamlessly with your company's mission, culture, and values.

Tested, Proven Expertise

Whatever your software needs, our team of experts will get it built quickly, efficiently, and affordably. That makes you, your customers, and us happy. Win, win, win.

Flexible to your needs

When it comes to augmenting your tech staff, one size does not fit all. Whether your business requires a short- or long-term commitment, our goal remains the same - our team wants your project to succeed.

A Note on Team Right-sizing

At Tech9, our business is built around deadlines. We understand the pressures of market delivery dates rapidly coming down the pike. The Dev and Design talent at Tech9 is tested and proven in these kinds of situtations. And our ideal happy state is that our team members, blended with your team, not only get you ahead, but provide new solutions as well.

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