Our people are the tech stack

Behind every successful project is a powerhouse team of incredible professionals. We curate top-talent and create a team customized to meet your specific needs.


Assembling your powerhouse team

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Assembling your powerhouse team

No two software projects are exactly alike. Your business deserves a team as unique as the product you're building. Tech9 doesn't just pair you with the next developer available, we take the time to find people with the exact skillset your project needs to succeed.

Involving you in the process

Tech9 is built on trust, but that doesn't mean you have to just take our word for it. You'll be involved in every step of assembling your product team, giving you confidence in each engineer's abilities and fit.

Assembling your powerhouse team

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Our expert team stays up to date on all things tech. By combining the best new technologies with our proven processes, Tech9 is able to deliver top-quality solutions built to solve real problems and grow with your business.