Assembling teams that deliver

Looking for a workplace that capitalizes on what you do best, gives you opportunities to learn new skills, and builds meaningful products end users love? Well then, congratulations, you’re home.

Utah best companies to work for award, white and grey. Trophy with vines on the sides.

A great place to work

We work hard to create an enjoyable and empowering professional environment; and if you ask our employees or the state of Utah, they’d say we’re doing a pretty good job at it.

What we expect

Quality by choice, no matter the position

Go MacGyver

You're a thinker and a doer who's not afraid to dig into our clients' problems and devise innovative, forward-thinking solutions.

Team Spirit

You work well on your own and play nice with others - collaborating with teammates when necessary to build happy tech.

Look Up

You're a master of your trade, but thirsty for knowledge. Tech9 leverages your superior skills while giving you ample room to expand your chops.

What you can expect

Win-Win is the only win, that means you too.


Work on complex problems that will push your knowledge to the next level.


Micromanaging? Never heard of it. We give workers autonomy to discover & deliver solutions.

Full Toolset

We provide you with all the right tools to do all the best work.


Collaborative work environment alongside happy, highly skilled teammates.

No Red Tape

We won't pin you down with unnecessary policies and procedures.


Great work should never go unnoticed. That's why we celebrate those who make it happen.

More Perks:


Time Off


Work Hours


Insurance Premiums


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