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We are a collective of executive and senior technology professionals dedicated to building the right thing the right way—because cut-rate software is infuriating and we all deserve better. This quality mentality attracts top development talent and puts them at the forefront of our teams, which are built to be as custom and efficient as the software solutions they develop.

Answer the Call of the Craft
Elite quality standards brought our team together. One by one, the experience under our belts sent us looking for a sanctuary of best practices. What we found, instead, was each other (and the sanctuary soon followed). That experience-born hunger for quality continues to draw user experience experts, software engineers, architects, and project managers into our ranks. It’s also what determines whether a prospective client ultimately partners with us. Does precision speak to you?
Hallmarks of quality
Scalable - Extensible - Maintainable

Our partners at Tech9 have been amazing at understanding our needs and unfolding a strategy that covers the bases, checks the boxes, and sticks to a clear timeline.

Robert Enger - COO Total Care Auto
Codified Quality is Consistent Quality
For every obsession with quality, there’s a detailed process to both ensure it and expedite it. Ours is a detailed, flexible structure that marches like clockwork toward valuable outcomes, no matter the project scope or demands. Regimented consistency in understanding requirements, architecting, designing, coding, and testing means the end solution always looks good and performs well.
Signatures of the process
Reliable Roadmaps - Clear Collaboration Adaptive to Sudden Shifts - Discernible Value

our chief technology officers

Executives, Engineers & Experience that Scale

We’ve been immersed in software builds for decades. From hands-on coding to management methodology, we have put in the hours (upon hours) needed to navigate today’s technology landscape. Our CTOs and lead engineers are comfortable in the Matrix and just as capable in the meeting room, allowing us to tailor custom dev teams from our ranks and integrate at scale with business leadership.

Nick Stice
  • Altiris
  • BYU
  • Genpact Mortgage Services
  • Houghton Mifflin
  • Movement Ventures
  • OrangeSoda
  • Symantec

Nate Shaw
  • Keylabs / AppLabs
  • LifeVantage
  • OrangeSoda
  • Precyse
  • Q90
  • SRS / MPi
  • Xennsoft
  • Zrii

Bill Rappleye
  • Accenture
  • Altiris
  • Archive Solutions
  • DriverTech
  • LDS Church
  • Navitaire
  • OrangeSoda
  • Symantec


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