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Our Philosophy

It’s kinda our thing.

#TechHappily. It’s what we call it when you’re happy with the development experience, happy with the outcome, and happy with the positive impact on your business.

What do you need?

A technology partner

Full service・︎Dev-Team-in-a-Box

A web application


An augmented dev team

Top talent・Full control・Scalable

A mobile app

Branding・UX・Development・iOS & Android

A digital transformation

CTO-level expertise・Architecting・Development

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From our CEO

Should I buy or build?

Once you’ve made the decision to build custom software and subsequently opted to in-source or outsource the development, you’re off to the races, right? Well…not exactly….

Frequently Asked Questions

Software development outsourcing services are used by companies looking to hire a third-party vendor to build custom software. This option is usually more affordable than hiring an in-house development team and provides greater expertise and resources to complete the job.

Outsourced custom software development provides many advantages, including cost savings, increased flexibility, time savings, and ability to scale. Companies that opt for software outsourcing have access to a wider talent pool and in-depth knowledge that will help them better meet customer expectations.

When a company hires a team to complete software development outsourcing services, the talent will become responsible for the project from start to completion. The team will set timelines, perform quality testing, and provide updates along the way. Companies may also hire full-service technology partners or bring an augmented development team to work alongside in-house team members.