Continued Growth With Another Five-Star Clutch Review

Tech9 is all about partnerships. Our clients aren’t “projects” or “deals”–they’re partners. Similarly, 3rd-party firms aren’t just “vendors”–they’re partners too. We believe life is too short to simply accumulate contracts and customer logos. We enjoy our work and everyone else is happier when we work together as partners. So that’s how we approach it.

One of our partners is Big Leap. We’ve worked with their customers, they’ve worked with ours. We also rely on them to help us grow by using their SEO expertise and services. When their review on Clutch came in we knew #TechHappily was working.

This particular project involved a number of services, including UX/UI, website and app development. As we worked with the client, we realized that we’re not just representing ourselves, but our partner’s brand as well. 

It’s reasonable for our partner to be extra careful in choosing who they work with and what outcomes actually make it to the clients. The fact that we were still able to earn enough of their approval to give us a five-star rating after all that scrutiny is a great sign that we’re on the right track. We encourage everyone who wants to know more about this project can get more details on our Clutch profile.

Beyond the personal prestige that these reviews bring to our team, however, there are also other platforms taking notice of our performance because of them. Our team was recently made aware that we’ve been included as a leading company on the top 100 UX agencies in India list by Top Design Firms.

This is an unexpected but welcome development for our team. It is another new avenue through which we can build awareness of our brand and reach out to a wider audience.

We are not content to stay where we are. With the help and support of our clients and partners, our team will further refine our methodologies. If you want to join us on this journey of growth, feel free to contact our team today. 

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Continued Growth With Another Five-Star Clutch Review