Tech9 creates new Chief Technologist position

LEHI, Utah, May 25, 2022 — Tech9, a leading outsourcing software development provider headquartered in Utah, announced the promotion of Durgaprasad “Durga” Budhwani to Chief Technologist. This is a new position to the Tech9 Leadership Team and will report directly to Nick Stice, CEO and co-founder.

“This is a big step for us to have someone on our leadership team who lives in India” reported Nick, “and I think this brings us all closer together.”

Nick Stice, CEO of Tech9

Durga joined Tech9 over three and a half years ago and has been making significant contributions to the Tech9 community ever since.  He is an expert full stack developer with extensive knowledge in many areas, such as AWS/Cloud, serverless, Go, React, Node, and he is also an instructor on the popular learning platform, Udemy.

Known to have a warm and friendly personality, Durga portrays a very positive attitude that aligns with the “Happy” culture of Tech9.  He embodies our #TechHappily motto.

“I’ve had the chance to work with Durga from the very beginning and the experience has been an absolute pleasure” stated Nick Stice, “His expertise is vast and very deep and if he doesn’t know something, he figures it out.”

“Durga’s ability to analyze a complex problem, come up with a plan and execute on it quickly for multiple partners has been a critical part of our recipe for success here at Tech9.  He has also played a significant role in bolstering our cloud expertise across the entire organization,” added Bill Rappleye, Chief Technology Officer at Tech9.

The Chief Technologist will be working across the entire company on technology issues and Durga’s influence will create positive outcomes for all who benefit from his impressive technical knowledge.

Durga stated, “These last three and half years I have been working in my dream role.  There are a lot of new things coming out around the world and Tech9 has given me the chance to learn and adopt a lot of the best practices to help our customers and partners.”

Durga Budhwani

“I am grateful for this opportunity and for all the engineering teams at Tech9 and I look forward to sharing and using their ideas with the entire company,” Durga continued.

“I congratulate Durga and am excited to have him in this role.  This is a very positive action for the entire company,” concluded Nick Stice.  


About Tech9

Tech9 is a custom software development company started in 2015 by four software development veterans who were tired of seeing failed projects and undelivered expectations. The founders created Tech9 to build technology the right way– because companies deserve better than cut-rate software. 

With various global locations, Tech9 employs around 200 top tier software developers from the United States, Eastern Europe, Central America, and India. Tech9 has distinguished itself from other software companies by:

  1. Curating top development talent in multiple countries
  2. Building and retaining high-performing remote teams
  3. Delivering cost-effective quality
  4. Creating long-term successful partnerships with clients

Tech9 successfully delivers “Cloud-9” level happiness to every client. Learn what it means to “tech-happily” at

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Tech9 creates new Chief Technologist position