Tech9 hires new Chief Strategy Officer – Brennan Stice

LEHI, Utah, Oct 10, 2022 — Tech9, a leading outsourcing software development provider headquartered in Utah, announced the hiring of Brennan Stice as Chief Strategy Officer. This is a new position to the Tech9 Leadership Team and will report directly to Nick Stice, CEO and co-founder.

As Tech9 has begun its 8th year of operation, we know there will be new challenges and opportunities we need to address in order to stay one of the premier software development outsourcing companies in the world. As a result, we took action.

The Chief Strategy Officer will be focusing on the strategic initiatives going forward to help maintain growth, address growing pains, and reach expansion goals.

“He will first work with the executive team as well as many other Tech9ers to absorb the knowledge of our industry as well as the culture of Tech9” said Nick Stice. Nick continued, “During this knowledge absorbing process, Brennan will help form the future go-to-market strategies and processes that will help sustain and grow Tech9 into the company we all know it will become.”

Nick Stice, CEO of Tech9

Brennan was introduced to all the Tech9ers at a recent company meeting and he shared, “I’ve been on this journey before, in my career. The idea of helping companies scale and grow in an organized way is something I really enjoy doing. I am excited to join this team and I look forward to working with Tech9ers and Tech9 clients.”

Robert Howarth, Chief Revenue Officer at Tech9, added, “Brennan is a welcome addition to Tech9. His expertise will serve Tech9ers and clients well in the next chapter of growth.”

Robert Howarth, Chief Revenue Officer of Tech9

Brennan earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration (BA) from Brigham Young University and then a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from The Ohio State University with an emphasis in Finance. He has had a successful and prestigious career at General Electric for many years and most recently was Vice President of Enterprise Business Development at PartsSource. At PartsSource, Brennan helped architect and execute an ambitious Go-to-Market strategy, resulting in incredible growth, expansion and customer success. Brennan is married to his wife, Jennifer, and they have five children.  Outside of work he enjoys traveling, cooking and learning languages.


About Tech9

Tech9 is a custom software development company started in 2015 by four software development veterans who were tired of seeing failed projects and undelivered expectations. The founders created Tech9 to build technology the right way– because companies deserve better than cut-rate software. 

With various global locations, Tech9 employs around 200 top tier software developers from the United States, Eastern Europe, Central America, and India. Tech9 has distinguished itself from other software companies by:

  1. Curating top development talent in multiple countries
  2. Building and retaining high-performing remote teams
  3. Delivering cost-effective quality
  4. Creating long-term successful partnerships with clients

Tech9 successfully delivers “Cloud-9” level happiness to every client. Learn what it means to “tech-happily” at

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Tech9 hires new Chief Strategy Officer – Brennan Stice